See Your Favorite Old Movie Characters Get A Major Wardrobe Update

Ever pictured how Marilyn Monroe could pull-off today’s fashions?

Earlier this morning, when I saw Jeremy Scott sharing a picture of the iconic sex symbol of “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” rocking a 2014 Moschino gummy bear dress, it…oddly made sense.

Turns out it was one of the New York Magazine’s eccentric photographer Bobby Doherty’s creations, pulled out from the series of hysterically brilliant photomanipualtions prepared for New York’s Fall Fashion Issue. To showcase the fashion picks of the upcoming fall season, Doherty used still images from the iconic movies, many of them dating from the previous century.

Along with Marylin sporting Jeremy Scott’s junk food couture, you can see Barbarella having a Gucci moment with those tall pink statement boots, Audrey Hepburn starring in Charade in a Valentino cape, and even Dustin Hoffman as Dorothy Michaels looking pretty in Prada. Naturally, Dorothy’s iconic ruby red glitter shoes got an update, too. Not that the Saint Laurent replacement is any less sparkly.

If you’re not new to the Internet, chance are you have probably seen a lot of hilarious Photoshop creations. Yet as a fashion-slash-movie buff, these might be the most exciting and tasteful photomanipulations you will see today.

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