Just Jewelry: Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily Schuman Takes Us Inside Her Incredible Jewelry Collection

Warm welcome to The Stone Set,our Just Jewelry guest bloggers, who will take you into the jewelry boxes and private gem collections of the world’s most fashionable people all this month. First up, we step into the home of Emily Schuman, of Cupcakes and Cashmere and talk diamonds and other delectable accoutrements.
Since starting Cupcakes and Cashmere in 2008, Emily Schuman has merged aspiration and accessibility in a way that loyal readers adore. As adept at dressing a table as she is her accessories, she has an admirable knack for mixing high and low elements with aplomb and ease. Emily recently invited us into her beautiful new home in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, for an exclusive look inside her personal jewelry box. Her collection bridges dainty and delicate fine jewelry with bright and on-trend statement pieces in perfect harmony. Let’s take a look:

On fine vs. costume jewelry:
“I buy fine jewelry as pieces I can wear every day, things that are simple and always in yellow gold,” Emily says. “I opt for costume jewelry at flea markets and vintage stores as a fun way to punch up my wardrobe on special occasions.”

The pieces every girl should have in her jewelry box:
A pair of studs that aren’t too precious (think beyond just pearls or diamonds), some stackable rings, and a piece that has a special meaning.

Emerging designers she’s following:
“Doloris Petunia makes some of my favorite statement necklaces. She really embraces color in a way that’s so refreshing,” muses Emily. “As for other favorites, I love Jacquie Aiche, Zoe Chicco, and EF collection. One day I hope to be able to treat myself to an Irene Neuwirth dangly green tourmaline necklace—I ogle them every time I go to Barneys. I love the idea of a fancy necklace juxtaposed with a white T-shirt and boyfriend jeans.”

About those edgy new jewelry trends we’re seeing now:
I’m much more open to embracing jewelry trends than I am with other things,” she says. “It’s such a great way to insert a bit of style without transforming your entire look. Lately I can’t get enough of ear jackets and am even open to some of the chokers I’ve seen, even though I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to rock such a statement look from my youth.”

She never takes off:
“My bracelets. I always wear a yellow-gold chain link bracelet that belonged to my grandfather, that I was given when he passed away,” she says. “I get more compliments on that than anything else I own. I also wear it with a bangle that was my grandmother’s with a diamond bar bracelet from XIV Karats and a diamond flower bracelet from Sydney Evan.”

Favorite gemstones:
“Emeralds. It’s my gemstone as well as my mom’s, and since we both also have green eyes, I feel like it was kind of meant to be,” she says.


And on her wish list…
“A pair of dangly earrings,” she pines. “I saw a woman the other day in a casual outfit with the most spectacular earrings, and it inspired me to up my earring game, since I’ve gone with more subdued, smaller pieces for a while now. Plus, they’d transition nicely for an evening look as well.”

Her mentor as she buys and collects:
“My mom. She has a beautiful collection of jewelry that’s meaningful with stories behind each piece.”

An innovative way to store jewelry:
“I usually keep them stored on a white lacquered tray or on little dishes in the bathroom,” she says. “Jewelry’s too pretty to tuck away into drawers. Plus, when you see it out, you’re much more likely to throw it on!”

The story behind her favorite piece of jewelry:
“My engagement ring,” she says. “I had no idea what I would even want; I simply knew I wanted to be with Geoffrey for the rest of my life. But when he got me my Asscher-cut engagement ring, it was the most perfect thing I’d ever seen. He described how he thought it was classically beautiful and unique, just like me, which I thought was so sweet.”

Her first major jewelry purchase:
“I bought myself two pave diamond rings from XIV Karats after I broke up with my college boyfriend,” she reminisces. “I had a job and wanted to treat myself to something to show myself that I was a strong, independent woman. I’ve always been a proponent of taking care of myself, so it was one of the more empowering things I could have done. Plus, it really did make the breakup process that much easier.”

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