Today in Milano at 5 Vie – GRIGI

Today Amsterdam Fashion Tv in Milano at 5 VIE will showcase this great idea from Portugal of GRIGI Designer emerged from a syllables game and from the Italian “grigio” – gray – which symbolism encloses an inner strength able to support external problems, GRIGI is a dream that avenged itself in a crisis scenario and demoralization.

“All designers have a gift. My identity is revealed in experimentation – mutation, another face of utilitarian pieces with double functionality, the new and the different.”

The great precursor on the way to a ‘mature design’ was Barena and the brand’s remarkable work exclusively using natural materials.

A period of great intellectual / creative enrichment and refinement that brought the knowledge and confidence needed to master materials and color palettes.

In Portugal, the academic challenge of choosing local materials and renew their appearance without identity loss was guided by the italian inspiration and the particular interest in knitwear.

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