If You Need Another Reason to Buy Alex Wang’s H&M Collection, the Workout Gear is Fully Functional

Ever since Alexander Wang and H&M announced their impending collaboration back in April, media and fashion enthusiasts alike have covered every. single. detail. From what to buy and what to skip to the cryptic Instagrams and Rihanna street style shots, we’ve brought you pretty much everything you need to know about the collection.

So the final detail? At a press conference I attended this morning Wang addressed the whole athletic wear angle of the collection. For a guy who proudly declared to a group of journalists, “I don’t do any sports, I only wear sporty clothing,” seems a little out of left field, right?

“At this point everyone knows collaborations, so for us to do it we thought we were really going to have to change it up and come up with a new strategy and idea,” said Wang. “When we presented the idea to H&M, randomly in my head I said the collection should be titled Sports at Night and I don’t know why Sports at Night but I thought of this idea, ya know, when you’re out dancing or when you’re out running around you sweat as well. You don’t only sweat in the gym, you don’t only sweat playing sports, so I love the idea that these garments perform in many other environments and that was the overlying theme.”

But say a gal who just so happened to be training for the New York City Marathon (me) wanted to wear these pieces on a long run. How would they hold up? According to moderator, Vogue creative digital director Sally Singer, the pieces are waterproof and moisture-wicking. Wang told her, “they have those capabilities and they needed to be tested throughly and they need to perform because when you label something that is waterproof, it really needs to be waterproof. You can’t just say it’s waterproof. Most of these pieces have performance wear capabilities.”

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