Anna Wintour: Michael Kors and I Are Like Beyoncé and Jay Z

Anna Wintour and Michael Kors: fashion icons? Definitely. Talented chefs? Well, that depends on who you ask. Last night, at the God’s Love We Deliver 2014 Golden Heart Awards, Kors, ever the jokester, hammed it up for the crowd by referring to his time in the God’s Love kitchen with theVogue EIC as verging on calamitous: “Lucy and Ethel having nothing on Anna and myself in a kitchen.” Countered Wintour, who clearly has more confidence in their cooking prowess, “I thought we were like Jay Z and Beyoncé.” Wait, as in they woke up in the kitchen saying, “How the hell did this happen?” Or is she talking about more of a “Countdown” vibe? We’re going to need more clarity on this, you two. 

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