On October 30 and 31, Croatian capital of Zagreb and one of the most famous hotels in this part of Europe, historic Esplanade Zagreb hotel, hosted NON PLUS ULTRA  SALON OF EXCELLENCE,  a unique conference dedicated to gentlemen’s elegance and finest brands of the high end  tailoring, cloth making  and shoemaking art.

The event was organized by Non Plus Ultra & Alex Dordevic of Degorsi Luxury Consulting, leading professionals in the field of excellence in craftsmanship in this part of the world.

On Thursday night, opening act of the NON PLUS ULTRA  SALON OF EXCELLENCE conference part was the presentation of our keynote speaker Simone Ubertino Rosso of VITALE BARBERIS CANONICO.

He pointed out the essential elements that guide this leading fabric producer, that celebrated 350 years recently. Those guiding principles, true VALUES of  Excellence/ Elegance/ Innovation/ Entrepreneurship/ Responsibility,  set the tone of the conference. 

In the course of the evening, Mr. Ubertino Rosso, presented several of current company highlights, starting with the introduction to the production process of  the Grand Cru fabric, currently the finest fabric in the world that was superbly showcased  in an artistic installation that conference guests were able to explore during the exhibition part of the event. Moreover, VBC staged a sort of  avant-premiere of their latest book, THE FABRIC – that underscores the importance of fabric designers who are behind every designer, but somewhat neglected. This book, with competent introduction by the acclaimed style author Bruce Boyer, in the visually stunning way, was received with applause.

Such wonderful presentation, ideally paved the way to another important speaker, Valentino Ricci of sartoria SCIAMAT, currently one of the internationally most acclaimed creators of bespoke elegance. He made logical continuation of the conference into the field of the actual design of bespoke suits. Famed for his eloquence, Avvocato RICCI  introduced his craft and explained sources of his inspiration in creating such elaborate work on jacket shoulders, pockets and overall figure,  already immediately recognizable trademarks of Sciamat. one of the most interesting items were super lightweight ,unlined, cashmere trench coats with martingale, that exudes effortless style and unparalleled wearability

Next speaker were one of the best kept secrets of fiorentine artisans, DUCAL, made to order shoe makers. Introducing the company and its heritage, was Piero Correnti, who together with the head of design Mrs. Maria Lisa Sani and her father, create uniquely elegant shoes, that are reserved for the most discerning clients worldwide.

Selection of the finest hides and exotic leathers is a pre condition for masterworks, that regularly make part of selection of some of the finest shops in northern europe, Asia and middle East.

DUCAL showed several new models of brogues, monk straps and very elegant evening velvet bow tie slippers that will be available for  private orders, as truly unique model.

Final presentation of the NON PLUS ULTRA SALON OF EXCELLENCE belonged to renowned QUINTESSENTIALLY

luxury concierge  presented by Mrs. Lara Ham, head of Adriatic region. According to Mrs. Ham, currently in the spotlight are  healthcare and education services, where QUINTESSENTIALLY  assists its members in selecting the finest schools available with all necessary informations, while on the healthcare aspect, their services encompass the most advanced techniques and medical professionals being available to members.

Following the conference,  during the refined cocktail at the Hotel Esplanade Zagreb  all participants had possibility to personally inspect top level of craftsmanship and even to try and order made to measure Sciamat suits done in exquisite Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics, Ducal hand made shoes  and nice selection of Sljeme Autokoffer  driving gloves, a local historic car accessory brand experiencing revival thanx to car historian Daniel Tomicic of Scuderia Zagreb.

Unique experience that Non Plus Ultra Salon of Excellence presented this year is sure to return next year with even more impressive selection of panelists and finest artisans.

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