Are You a Typical Scorpio? The Proof is In Your Closet

Some of the most magical moments of fashion (and biggest shopping successes) come when you walk into a store, check out the racks and know, without a doubt, that particular dress is the one you need. But what if that instant attraction actually isn’t random at all and, instead, there’s some predetermination involved. The idea that our astrological signs could affect how we dress and shop makes total sense to me, so much so that I’ve started covering it on the regular here. In celebration of all you Scorpio ladies celebrating birthdays now through Nov. 21, first, yay, and secondly, take a look at the below and let me know if they feel fitting.


You know you’re a Scorpio if in your closet…

1. There’s a lot of neutrals and not many bright prints.
“Scorpios are likely to be concealed observers, the detectives trying to pull the levers and affect situations subtly and secretively,” astrologer Amy Zerner explained to me. As such, your M.O. is all about blending in with building blocks made of simple colors, not tons of bold choices like leopard and geometric designs.

2. It’s a statement piece-free zone.
You avoid aggressive silhouettes and figure-exaggerating numbers. “They do not traditionally like to call attention to themselves, so over-the-top dramatic pieces aren’t usually their things.” The caveat? If your posse likes loud items, you might shop them, too. “The exception is if everyone else is wearing them and they need to blend in.”

3. You have some pricey designer basics.
Since you skip the trendy items you’ll be over by next season, you have the pocket power to spend a little bit more on your basics. “Simple items need to be of high quality so they can convey an air of quiet power.”

4. Certain items evoke a lot of passion from you.
Even if the items you prefer are simple, that doesn’t mean you don’t care deeply about them. Amy says Scorpios “approach their wardrobe as an artist approaches a canvas. The reasons they have for choosing items are felt at such a visceral level that they couldn’t explain it to you in words.”

5. There aren’t many pieces with sentimental value.
“It’s a sign associated with endings, and they’re legendary for cutting things off and never looking back,” Amy told me. Basically, your closet does not still include the dress you wore to your college graduation or the blouse bought for that big job interview.

6. Space is devoted to practical items.
Whether it’s an actual rain jacket or a pair of wool leggings, you value practical items. “Scorpios are more likely to listen to their survival instincts than their heads or hearts. It’s a sign associated with our Limbic snake brain, so food, sex, and survival, and it’s a filter they apply to decision making.”

7. And some pieces are super sexy.
Of the words Amy picked to describe Scorpios, passionate and sexual were the first two on her list. As such, your closet probably has some body-con numbers, cutouts, or sultry leg slits. The exact item will differ based on your personal style, but as a general rule, you’re not the type of person who’s caught without something steamy for a last-minute date.

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