The Biggest Shopping Day of the Year Is…Today!

Shocker, right? We’ve all been fed the idea of Black Friday (and then, Cyber Monday) being THE days for shopping so much that to even suggest a different day has more cash register action is kind of ridiculous…until it’s not. Alibaba, China’s sort-of Amazon, has wrapped up Singles’ Day and the amount of business they did was ridiculous: more than $9 billion, per MarketWatch. To compare, Bloomberg reported that the United States only spent $57.4 billion over the entire four-day span of Thanksgiving weekend last year.


The holiday, held on Nov. 11 due to all those single, lonely digits, is celebrated by partying and online shopping and, clearly, it’s taken off. The company’s CEO, Jack Ma, should be celebrating the numbers, but instead he’s stressing. All that shopping turned into 260 million deliveries that need to happen over the next three to five days (they typically average 17 mil a day) and he’s worried they won’t be able to deliver them all on time.

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