Come See! Kate Bosworth Designed Awesome Ankle Boots, Alexander Wang is Doing Jeans

Today’s fashion news you need to know is good for your closet, but potentially bad for your wallet: Kate Bosworth revealed a line of shoes she designed and Alexander Wang showed off his just-launched denim (on sale online on Dec. 8). Let’s talk.

I’ve got a thing for Kate’s style and was excited to check out the shoes she did for Matisse, available to shop early this spring. They’re awesome, as expected, and I can see her wearing every single pair. My absolute favorite is this star-studded ankle boot, though, partly because I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Crazy rad, right?

“It’s such an oversaturated market, as everyone knows,” Alexander Wang told WWD regarding his decision to enter into the world of denim with a campaign that’s gotten the web talking. It features a model with the aforementioned jeans pulled down and her hand placed to suggest that she’s…getting friendly with herself. “Once you see it, you can’t stop thinking about it.” The collection will launch with three styles and washes for women and retail between $225 and $295.

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