Bags Will Keep Getting Tinier and Tinier in 2015

My7Ways - by Astrid Beerkens

We’re still big. It’s the handbags that got small. And they’re only going to shrink further, according to a piece in the Daily Beast today. As designers continue to unveil eentsier and weenstier iterations — like Kate Spade’s 5.5″ x 7″ x 3″ Mini Maise, sported by Anna Kendrick in the brand’s holiday ads, or Louis Vuitton’s Petite Malle Malletage, which comes in at 7.1″ x 4.7″ x 1.6″ — the miniaturization race is on. Elle even shot a Tyler Alexandra bag next to a similar-size teacup pig in its September issue. That doesn’t mean that costs have gone down with the decrease in bag square footage, however — the Vuitton version, about the size of an iPhone 6, comes in at €5,500. Some aficionados are even using them as glorified paperweights. Said Bryanboy, “The petit Malle is a great conversation piece and prop on top of my coffee table books!” He bought two. (He has a lot of coffee-table books to weigh down, presumably.)

Another (unexamined) factor in the itty-bitty accessory’s appeal: A microscopic bag says, “I have people to carry things for me.” Think of red-carpet regulars with their trailing retinue, or street-style stars and their Polly Pocket–size clutches and cross-bodies. Still, anything beats the days when we labored Olsen-style under the weight of huge glorified laundry sacks.

For great european solutions check My7Ways by Astrid Beerkens. A dutch brand that we are going to see always more and soon we wont stay out of it.

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