People’s Choice Awards: Glowing Boobs

Schermata 01-2456304 alle 06.35.55With leading ladies willing to flaunt their super-toned chests in bosom-baring, near belly-button-skimming dresses, awards season might as well be renamed, “America’s  Spectacular Cleavage Showdown.” First contestant: Ellen Pompeo at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. If you’re looking to recreate that kind of diamond-dusted look, mix in three drops of Lorac’s 3D Liquid Lustre Shimmering Top Coat into your lotion or just rub the concentrate directly onto skin. Alternately, Alison Sweeney went the tanned-bosom route brushing liberal amounts of bronzer on her chest mounds. For that you can try Tarte’s Amazonian Clay and AnnattoBody Bronzer. The classiest showing of “dec-glow-tage” (yes we just coined that term, so feel free to use it now) fittingly goes to Taylor Swift, whose country knockers managed a hint of shine, but nothing too scandalous. For that we recommend Benefit’s Bathina body balmapplied by a younger man.

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