How to Get Cleavage, Plus Other Sexy Tricks From a Victoria’s Secret Pink Model

Earlier this week I got the chance to talk about sexy bras and how to maximize cleavage with Victoria’s Secret Pink beauty Taylor Hill. After I got over how pretty and friendly she was, it was down to business.


With all the different silhouettes and types out there, it’s still the classic push-up bra that’s best for getting those girls up. “That’s what it’s made for!” she told me. “They’re comfortable, but you have a little bit of push and support as well.” For straps, Taylor likes the T-back style. “It doesn’t feel as heavy on your shoulders and makes you stand up straighter because it’s pulling your shoulders back.”

She’s never tried the old trick of doubling up on bras for extra oomph but did share how the pros use makeup for additional cleavage definition. “For shoots and stuff they do a bronze that’s darker than my skin tone. When you have [the bra] on, you can do a little brush over the top and in between.” Beauty genius Beth has posted about this before too—if you need a visual, this is going to be beyond helpful.


One of my most favorite parts of my job is getting to be a little nosy because, honestly, it’s an interview. I’m supposed to! Taylor told me she has a ton of bras, even though she usually wears the same style. “I have a whole drawer. Like, rows of bras,” she laughed. “Half of them are nude for my jobs, and then half of them are bright because I go on splurges since all I can wear is nude.” She’s guilty of not hand-washing hers (though she never puts them in the dryer), and she bought her first bra, ever, at a Victoria’s Secret Pink store when she was 13 with her mom.

She totally surprised me with her choice for sexiest lingerie color too, listing white and red. Red’s a classically sexy shade, but white gets such a rep for being way too virginal to sizzle. Wrong. “White is very clean, so it’s such a classy sexy,” she explained.


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