Come Hear What Our Grandmothers Had to Say About About Fashion Week

The looks that walk down Fashion Week’s runways are all over the place, from beyond simple to whoa? what?. We started to wonder what our grandmothers would think of it all, and through the magic of email and long-distance calls, we conferred.

“I love to look at the fashions but realize that they rarely apply to me. I like it all as a showcase of contemporary style,” Avery’s grandmother, Cherie, age 80, said. Mine (Dottie in south Florida) stated general feelings before we even got started, saying she liked solids, not prints, and dressed in Halston when she was younger.

Coach, fall 2015

Sophia’s Grandma Sylvia, 82: “It’s pretty. It’s different. Would I wear it? No, not for me.”

Grandma Dottie, 83: “This would travel well. It’s not good in the hot weather, but we’re having lots of cold snaps in Florida this year.”

Proenza Schouler, fall 2015

Grandma Cherie, 80: “This is the only one I like, and only if one is six feet tall. I like the proportions but hate the shoes and stockings. Although I think it’s actually quite wearable.”

Grandma Sylvia, 82: “It’s very sharp. I like the color and the long jacket. I do NOT like the stockings.”

Grandma Dottie, 83: “Only if you’re traveling to Russia.”

Monique Lhuillier, fall 2015

Grandma Dottie, 83: “I had a dress like this in an ecru color that I bought in Paris many years ago. I like it, but it might be too warm for Florida.”

Grandma Sylvia, 82: “This is very much my type, and I would wear it. It’s for my age—you’ve got to go by age. There are young grandmothers out there too, you know.”

Marc Jacobs, fall 2015

Grandma Sylvia, 82: “I don’t know about this one…it’s a fantasy dress. It’s very unique, I’ll put it that way.”

Matthew Williamson, fall 2015

Grandma Dottie, 83: “If this is a jumpsuit, it would be too much trouble to go to the restroom. If not, it wouldn’t be my first choice, but it looks good on the model.”

Grandma Sylvia, 82: “It’s beautiful, very pretty. I like the colors. It’s nice stuff.”

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