This New Web Series Is Retelling the Monica Lewinsky Story

Remember when Monica Lewinsky moved to New York to start over? Her post-scandal life, complete with an attempted handbag line, was the punch line of many a joke (and the subject of the 2001 New York Magazine profile “Monica Takes Manhattan”).

Now a six-part web miniseries, Monica (based largely off the New York profile) takes a look at that particular Lewinsky era, when she was a 27-year-old trying to reinvent herself after an epic sex scandal, and tries to retell it from a more sympathetic viewpoint. Director Doron Max Hagay tells Fader: “I began to empathize with Monica, whom I saw as gravely hurt and misunderstood. I love melodrama, especially the films of Douglas Sirk, so crafting a narrative with a female protagonist whose desire to control her destiny and regain a semblance of normalcy, which fits in in the intensely emotional realm of melodrama, was exciting to me.”

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