A Delightful New Instagram Account Combines Kanye, Rants, and Onesies

Kanye West’s fashion-related rants come around often enough that no one really needs to invent more. But the Instagram account Kanye is Fashion has captured our hearts by juxtaposing pictures of Yeezus in outlandish “high fashion” getups — tam ‘o’ shanters, onesies, and even a shirt with a three-headed, 3-D Dropout Bear — with fictitious, yet pretty on-the-mark Kanye rants, complete with on-the-nose hashtags. For example, one reads, “It’s not easy being me. If you could enter my mind for a minute I think you’d truly understand the passion I have to push myself further and further past my limits. My #life is Mt. Everest, cause I never rest. #KANYEisFASHION  #yeezus #kanye #fashion #kanyewest #restless #struggle #sohelpmegod.” We nominate this two-faced Jacquemus look as his next style statement.

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