We’re Answering an Age-Old Question: When Can You Actually Stop Wearing Winter Tights?


So, I’m not wearing tights today, and, boy, did I get quite the reaction from fellow Glamour editors.

Danica and Lindsey were part stunned, part elated. “Is it time to drop the tights already?” queried Danica. “You’re pushing it,” said Lindsey. Some whispered as I walked down the hallway “What? No tights? Already?”

To everyone I say: absolutely. It’s 57 degrees in New York City today, and while that may read cold for some, it’s practically balmy for me. I’ve long had a rule that once the mercury dips below 50 degrees, the tights come on. When it surpasses 50—in the words of Chandler Bing, woopah!—the tights come off.

But like I said, it’s 57 degrees. I’m not suggesting you bust out the tank top and booty shorts (Nor would I ever. Consider it a turn of phrase please. Booty shorts for no one.), so take the transition slowly. Take a cue from these women at Paris Fashion Week and consider a lightweight three-quarter coat over a knee-length or midiskirt or perhaps a pencil skirt with a slit. Hold off on miniskirts until it gets just a bit warmer.

I don’t know about you guys, but my legs have been kind of suffocating since January, and I’m ready to kiss winter 2014-15 goodbye. So now I can double up on the body lotion (winter slough-off!) and start dreaming of open-toe sandals…sigh. For those, I wait until the temperature hits 65 degrees.

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