Exclusive: Taraji P. Henson’s Shoe Closet Is Every Girl’s Dream Come True


As you know, here at Glamour, we’re obsessed…and I mean obsessed with Empire and its crowning achievement, Taraji P. Henson as the sassy, whip-smart, and, yes, endearing, Cookie Lyon. We got a chance to talk to Henson (who in real life is so bubbly and fun—she even sang with us!) before catching a sneak peek of tomorrow’s must-watch season finale. Naturally, the conversation led to fashion…and more specifically, shoes! “I have a bit of a shoe problem,” Henson said before pulling out her iPhone to show us her newly built MTV Cribs-style shoe closet. “I just had it made and am so happy with it. There are pictures of all the shoes and there’s even a ladder in there so I can reach everything!” Voila (and that’s just one side):


So, how does a shoe-obsessed woman react to landing the total dream closet? “I get a glass of wine, close the door, cry, and say, ‘Look at all these shoes!'”

When it comes to styles, Henson is an equal opportunist: “It’s all about fit and how I feel. I love heels, sandals, and have some great flats,” she says. “When I’m walking around in the city, I don’t wear heels, but Cookie would. She does a lot of things that we wouldn’t do. Trust me, she’s my hero!”

But brands? Well, that’s a whole other story. “I think I’ve put all of Christian Louboutin’s kids through college! I bought three pairs just yesterday.” She hasn’t met the king of the red soles…yet, but us Glamour girls are working to fix that…

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