Is Taylor Swift Totally Changing Up Her Signature Style? You Decide

Ooh la la! Taylor Swift had the Internet’s tongue a-waggin’ today after pics of her surfaced stepping out holding hands with rumored love Calvin Harris. Like, hold the phone. From there, our office got into a serious conversation as to whether her style was changing due to her romantic life. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Taylor and Calvin leaving a Haim show last night.


Performing with Madonna on Sunday.


At theElle Fashion Awards last month.

Taylor’s most “signature” outfits have been very feminine and very prim and proper; I mean, she said she’s going to be all about the matched set this spring, and THIS is what she wears to and from the gym. Regardless, now it seems that a new man is in the picture, she’s been sporting a lot of black and figure-hugging pieces, including the lace top and skinnies she wore during the hand-holding incident. Another outfit from last weekend is Taylor’s typical style, just edgier. Instead of brights, she’s in black and charcoal gray. Where she’d normally rock platform heels, she’s in black ankle boots.


Signature Taylor style here and above.

Science shows that people who hang together often dress similarly (Sophia and I tend to collect similar accessories), but people often need to point it out when a girl dresses similarly to her boyfriend. To those people I say: relax, ‘k? To the women out there I say: Wear what you like. And every now and again this season, why not dress like a ballerina?

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