Proof That Yellow Can Be Your New Neutral This Spring

Neutral colors are the equivalent of your style wingman. They stick with you, go along with anything you’ve got planned, and have your back no matter what. So whether you’ve got plans of wearing prints or bold accessories, you might be surprised that we’re declaring yellow (YELLOW!) as spring’s new neutral.

We’re not talking about the news-making Minion yellow that Pantone announced earlier this month. Think: mustard, marigold, and saffron and other deeper shades of the primary color.

Here are five ways to inject shades of yellow into your wardrobe and shopping options below:

yellow-atlantic-pacificFollow blogger Blair Eadie’s style and use yellow as an extension of khaki and brown. Mix and match the similar hues to create the colorful yet simultaneously monochromatic outfit you didn’t even realize you were missing.

466479402Blogger Gala Gonzalez’s layering look speaks loudly on its own, so it’s important that her accessories don’t try to compete too strongly. Though she opts for a trendy fringe clutch, its rich hue of yellow allows the accessory to remain classic and versatile.

465803124Unlike some other colored hues, yellow accessories pair magically with yellow patterns. Though it’s a styling trick that may seem much too bold when tested in any other colors, shades of mustard and golden yellow are as unapologetic as the likes of fellow neutrals like black, brown, and cream.

466479526When paired with other colors, yellow retains its neutral tone and prevents you from looking like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Even with a directly complementary color, such as bright blue, a golden accessory seems only natural.

465648306Instead of a traditionally black or brown coat, Olivia Palermo styles her Fashion Week look with a yellow option from Chloe. We envision this coat carrying us through every event on our calendar—from brunch in denim to a cocktail party in a little black dress.

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