The extreme increase in consumption has triggered increasingly the imbalance of our planet, but thinking of a more positive perspective, this has caused us to seek for solutions. In the fashion world this brings us to the freshness of the new brands, that are looking for the “NEW” making us think that often quantity is not synonymous with quality, bringing a new concept where to be fashionable is to have pieces that stay longer within the our closet, have style in water rationing times and lack of raw material is to be “Slow Fashion”.

Born in 2010, the Brazilian brand “Honey Pie” came to revolutionize the Brazilian fashion market, by Maria Antonietta and Alexandra Spallicci mother and daughter decided that the fashion world deserved something new and special.

Timeless like a song of the “Beatles” free of trends and fixed collections, “Honey Pie” brings handmade pieces with technological fabrics 100% Brazilian, developed and executed within the own atelier of brand.

According to Alexandra the collections are created for women who are different every day, therefore the brand presents a wide range of pieces with a bit of each style, without pre-defined collections. After all, women are a constant variable and deserve a special place to combine according to VIBE of the day, and this place is sweet like a “Honey Pie”!

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