Guys Have Mastered These 4 Fashion Habits. Why Haven’t You?

Male Fashion Habits
Male Fashion Habits


We’d like to think that, more often than not, women can teach guys a thing or two about style. That being said, we’ve definitely been known to borrow from the boys on occasion, both by actually shopping their closest as well as stealing a style tip or two.
But there are certain style habits that men have mastered that women could use a bit more of in their lives (and wardrobes). Check them out:

Find Your Tailor: Good tailoring is obviously important, but having a great tailor that you go to regularly is a game changer. Like a great hairstylist, if you go to the same tailor regularly, he or she will be familiar with your body and personal style, making your look that much more flattering.

Shoe Care: Having your shoes shined regularly (or buffing them up on your own at home) not only keeps them looking great, but also greatly lengthens the life of a pair of leather shoes.

Up Your Sock Collection: Men certainly know a thing or two about sock style—argyle and stripes; subtle colors and patterns. We’re definitely not suggesting you run out to buy crazy and cheesy novelty patterns, but classic, menswear-inspired socks are a great way to add a little pop to an outfit. This spring, we’re particularly excited to style our heels with socks!

Stock Up On Styles You Love: True, most men wear a variation of the same suit, shirt, and tie to the office every day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two about the magic in finding something that works perfectly. Did you finally track down the perfect pair of blue jeans? Buy them in black, too. The perfect slouchy tee? Buy it in multiple colors.

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