Culture Factory Kooi-aap by Henk Bleeker

kultuur fabriek
kultuur fabriek

Culture Factory Kooi-aap is a concept of photographer Henk Bleeker, pop journalist Harry de Jong and graphic designer Will Vandersloot. In this new cultural complex is a picture / movie studio, a gallery and a music venue. The intention here is to regularly organize a special concert. The former factory buildings where once the famous Kooi-aap truck mounted lift trucks were manufactured, have been converted into a cozy room, which is an excellent meeting place with its stage and gallery for musical and other creative activities.

“I am a great lover of Americana and country music,” says Bleeker. He has had over the years, many artists for his camera and looks to make it as a new challenge them to Old Leije. “The Culture Factory Kooi-aap provides an opportunity for traveling performers to leave here just come along,” he explains. “There are a lot of singer-songwriters and bands on the road, which still waiting days like to see filled their agenda. We have many connections in the music business. This offers enough perspective for the future. “

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