Meet our new friend videographer Eori Wakakuwa

Eori Wakakuwa is a Film Maker mostly for art, fashion and music.

He was born in Tokyo and was working as graphic designer. He also had a great deal of interest in the expression with moving image. When he had a chance to shoot a short documentary with old SUper8 cam during his business trip, he started to change his way of self-expression into film.

AMSFTV: From where your passion start and what is your main inspiration?

EORIMy passion for making film is from interest in pure and simple human existence on a more than superficial level. Sometimes it’s expressed in the motif of social concerns.

AMSFTV: Why you moved from Japan to Amsterdam?

EORI: Because this city has infinite patience for different people, thoughts and philosophy.

AMSFTV: What do you like of Amsterdam and what you do not like of Amsterdam?

EORI: I like contrast of environs between beautiful city side by side with beautiful country side. And I can find nothing dislike at present, I’m enjoying even cold winter, strong wind and smell fishy Haring.

AMSFTV: Why did you choose this look (mood) for representing your videos?

EORI: I want to capture the particle of the air and the photon in the distance between me and target and I believe only optical film allows me to do it.

AMSFTV: Where would you like to be in the next 3 years?

EORI: I’d like to collaborate with many more clients and talents to make film, not only for art, fashion, and music.

AMSFTV: What does fashion represent for you?

EORI: Personalities of themselves

AMSFTV: How would you define your style?

EORI: Documentarytic moving portrait. Even if it’s commercial work with professional model, there must be true character from within.

AMSFTV: Are you happy to work with Amsterdam Fashion Tv in the production of Fashion Movies?

EORI: Yes Indeed

AMSFTV: What is your dream about?

EORI: I would like to meet many person in this cosmopolis and shoot them to make series of moving portrait like August Sander’s work.

Enjoy a selection of Eori’s Movies.

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