The history of Brazilian adman Rafael Mantesso and his bull terrier is very atypical. His ex-wife in love with fashion was who named the puppy of Jimmy Choo but was Mantesso that after the breakup of the relationship did the dog as source of inspiration. He saw himself alone with his white dog surrounded by white walls he began drawing on the walls without any montage using Jimmy Choo as focus.

The successful story began two years ago, when the current creative director and also niece of the founder of the brand Jimmy Choo Sandra Choi, began to be marked by friends in photos posted on Instagram of Mantesso, person who until then was completely unknown to her. The protagonist of the photos was the bull terrier who was named with the same brand name. Faced with humorous drawings Choi immediately felt she had to do some partnership with Mantesso, the result was a beautiful collection that will be launched the 15th of this month with prices starting at US $ 75 that will may be purchased only in the international e-commerce of the brand. Besides of the partnership with Jimmy Choo brand the dog is also in a super cute book that will be launched in the second half of this year, titled “A Dog Named Jimmy”.

The actor Ashton Kutcher is also a fan of “Jimmy Dog”, a regram on his personal Instagram with the photo of the dog holding a microphone, made the “likes” of Mantesso climbing to 10,000 which helped in popularizing the drawings.

Who could have imagine that the breakup of the couple’s relationship brought so much inspiration for one person and made a dog become so famous!

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