There are bags and bags and of course we watching the latest designs these days. Beautiful bags, ‘ugly’ bags and everything in between. But wat is beautiful? It’s all about taste. I went to see it myself into the largest museum ‘HENDRIKJE’ of bags and purses in the world. This museum is displaying the development of bags and purses from the Middle ages to the present day. This is the only place in the world where you will find so many beautiful, valuable, playful and exciting handbags in one collection: from historical highlights from the 15th century to the timeless classics of modern design from the most famous designers. An enormous and unique collection of over 5.000 bags and purses.

I can tell you… it’s a fascinating journey!

To see now

Vive la France: The exhibition ‘Vive la France’ shows a variety of bags from modern French designers. (march 17 – june 07 2015)

Exhibition: Ugly. We really can argue about matters of taste. Beauty: it’s an interesting phenomenon that people have been trying to define since ancient times.

We constantly make judgements of taste about objects or phenomena and take pleasure in regarding things around us as ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. But why do we actually do this? ‘Ugly’, an interesting yet also amusing exhibition, not only opens your  eyes to how you arrive at your judgements of taste but also addresses questions related to design and the use of materials. (april 01 – july 19 2015)

Oh… and don’t forget to visit the museumshop (Best museum shop in Amsterdam 2014).

The museum is situated in a lovely canal house in the centre of Amsterdam. A must see for every ‘bag and purse addict’!


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