10 Things Only Preppy Southern Girls Understand About Style

The latest person to acknowledge that Southern girls have their own thing going on? Reese Witherspoon, whose sweet-as-sweet-tea e-commerce venture Draper James is killing it online. Whether you’re based below the Mason-Dixon Line or living as a transplant elsewhere, there’s no denying that your tribe has an unofficial uniform.


The style lessons you live from tailgate to backyard barbecue?

#1. You can monogram anything and everything. Shoes, bags, hats, shirts, dresses, jewelry… Everything.

#2. Jack Rogers win at life. There’s not a single outfit that doesn’t look good with the classic, Jackie O-endorsed sandal.

#3. When it comes to T-shirts, multiple categories exist. There’s the date function T-shirt, the rush T-shirt, and the Guy Harvey one with the most vivid fish illustration you’ve ever seen.

#4. Pearl earrings work with everything. Your pair gets a whole lot of love, whether it’s accenting a formal dress, heading to the office on the daily, or adding some class to your gym outfit.

#5. Go team! When debating over what shade of something to buy, default to your college colors.

#6. There’s one print above all others. Whether simple and bright or bolder than bold florals, Lilly Pulitzer anything makes for a timeless closet investment.

#7. Croakies are one of the world’s most practical accessories. They have a serious sunglass responsibility, but it’s also an accessory with which you can show a lot of personal style.

#8. Football games are not the time for a basic team tee. Instead, all the best game-day pictures result from carefully crafted outfits of sundresses, wedges, and team-color accessories (reference #5).

#9. Nautical themes work everywhere. Be it the ocean or a lake, you’re within an hour of a body of water at any given time, and it shows in your accessories. Flamingos, anchors, and cute crabs are just some of the motifs that work for jewelry, totes, and more.

#10. The need to be flawlessly polished at all times can remain with type-A city folk. Southern girls know that there are times to embrace the comfy-as-anything maxi or slip into cutoffs and flip-flops because, y’all, it gets hot down there.

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