Barbie’s Brand-New Ankles Finally Allow Her to Wear Flats

For as long as we can remember Barbie’s perpetually been stuck in a tippy-toe stance, ready to slip into heels and…well, stand around. With the unveiling of a brand-new range of dolls, Barbie has finally gotten articulated ankles—joints that actually move, allowing her the option to switch between heels and flats.


The big news here isn’t that Barbie’s in flats—it’s that she (via the army of youngsters who play with her) gets to choose what sort of footwear she/they are feeling on any given day. Other dolls feature feet in a perma-flat position (like this and this), but the style pictured above has been crafted with ankle joints so that two pairs of shoes, ankle boots and flats, both work.

Taking Barbie out of a stiletto-only environment certainly registers as a sort of feminist fashion win, but this multi-choice option is actually even bigger. Flats OR pumps? It’s the lady’s right to choose.

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