Today Is the Best Day of the Entire Year to Buy a Bikini

After a round of number-crunching, the folks at Lyst are ready to proclaim today as unofficial bikini-buying day. According data analysts, the Monday of the second week of June last year saw the biggest amount of bikinis sold and a steady increase in search demand makes them confident the day will hold forth again this year.


The day’s popularity falls at the sweet spot of the intersection between demand and supply. Shoppers are at the high point of bikini interest, and retailers have their best supply of the season.

“We’ve also taken into account the number of people adding swimwear to their lists of favorite items,” Brad Fehler, growth analyst at Lyst, explained to Glamour. “That user intent combined with data from over 10,000 partner retailers and millions of products leads us to believe today will be the day.”

The past two weeks saw brands uploading lots of new swim styles to Lyst, as well as replenishing earlier options where supply diminished—combine the factors and you’ve got a perfect day for shopping plenty of options and sizes.

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