The Fanny Pack Is Back: Survey the Evidence at Glastonbury

Of all the music festivals out there (and there are quite a few), the Glastonbury festival is the one where fashion trends are often born. Kimonos and shorts, wellies and dresses? You can thank fashion-forward Glastonbury-goers for those rampant trends.

And the next big trend to come out of this year’s annual U.K. music festival is—drumroll please—the fanny pack!

Call it a belt bag; call it a fanny pack—whatever you call it, the hands-free purse has infiltrated the style set once again, replacing the mini cross-body bags that have previously been so prevalent everywhere from music festivals to weekend brunches.

See how girls wore them at Glastonbury this past weekend:

They look great cinched over overall shorts.
This is a more bohemian look with a fringed kimono, T-shirt, and shorts.
It can be a prim look over a pretty ikat-print dress.
Here’s the look with a macramé skirt and a crewneck top.

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