Lady Gaga’s Stylist Is Launching His Own Clothing Line, No Meat Dresses Expected

Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga’s most recent stylist and fashion director is getting ready to launch his first-ever collection.

Now, before visions of rotting meat dresses pop into your head, let’s clarify: the man in question is the one who’s been working with her as she’s transformed from a boundary-pushing, fashion hellion into someone who rocks classic glamour like an old-school pro (the meat credit goes to Nicola Formichetti). Maxwell will show a range at New York Fashion Week this September that focuses on evening wear, including clean suiting and formal gowns, reports WWD.

One of his most glam Gaga moments? The Alaïa gown and gloves he helped her pick for this year’s Oscars.


Texas-native Maxwell was also responsible for the sophisticated-yet-retro looks Gaga wore on her Cheek to Cheek tour with Tony Bennett, including the embellished black gown below. Work for the tour started with 200 to 300 dresses that were whittled down to about 150 by the time rehearsals started.

“We look at the women who came before her, but Gaga is such a visionary and so unique that if you start to heavily reference things, it doesn’t work. She’s her own person and ultimately comes to that decision on her own,” he told PBS about crafting looks for the twosome’s performances.


Her Cheek to Cheek wardrobe also included a Maxwell-design! The custom red leather jumpsuit he conceptualized was crafted by David Samuel Menkes and said to be a favorite of both his and Gaga’s.

“Gaga and I met when we were a lot younger and in our own way, our careers have gone in similar ways. She’s always been there for me and been a number one supporter for me,” he’s said. “She’s the first one I call when I’m doing another job and I need advice. I have a direct line and she’s always there to answer. She’s been a guardian angel in my career. She pushed me to step out and do more.”

While the reports about his upcoming fashion week debut are sparse, Maxwell’s previous reveals about what he’s drawn to offer some clues. In the PBS interview he names the ’80s and ’90s as his favorite fashion decades, saying, “I like everything to be ‘more is more.’ I like bigger silhouettes, broad shoulders, tight waists.” He grew up idolizing iconic supermodels and the amazon beauties still inform his dream girl. “I’m not a person who loves a waif or skinny, blank girl. I love a lot of enthusiasm and expression.”

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