MOAM Collective 2015 – 5 design talents, 10 inspiring coaches and three new partners

After the successful first edition of MOAM collective start in early 2015 a new group of young designers at the second edition of MOAM collective. Five talented designers from various academies in the Netherlands work together on one collection center in 2015 which they will present to the outside world. The collective will be coached by the great names of Dutch industry. New names which this year committed to MOAM include KLM and Philips. This year the process will be characterized by innovation, sustainability, craftmanship and collaborate.

Manuel Broekman, Harriet Calo, Sabrina Meijer, Tjitske Reidinga en Georgina Verbaan, gefotografeerd door Paul Bellaart.
Manuel Broekman, Harriet Calo, Sabrina Meijer,
Tjitske Reidinga en Georgina Verbaan,
gefotografeerd door Paul Bellaart.


For this second edition, the team of Foundation MOAM selected five young designers, all of whom have graduated with honors, but their dream job -mede by the crisis have not yet found. Of the eight designers from the first edition, there are now six jobs in the Dutch fashion industry.
The designers of MOAM collective 2, Anbasja Blanken (HKU), Barbara Langendijk (ArtEZ), Maartje Peeters (AMFI), Tijme Veldt (Rietveld) and Hanna Wouda (Royal Academy).


Every week the team is assisted by three fashion pioneers; French Ankoné, Peter Leferink and Mariette Hoitink. In addition, the collective will be coached by, among others Mart Visser, Claes Iversen, Cecile Narinx, John de Greef, Georgette Koning, Marly Nijssen and Saskia Stockier. Through these coaches to link their vast knowledge and experience with young talent, there is knowledge transfer from the old to the new generation, an important pillar within MOAM.


For five months will work collectively on a single collection intimately; consisting of 24 looks for men and women. From concept to collection presentation; The entire journey is made by the team itself. In addition, they are supported and advised by the coaches of collective MOAM 2. Together they learn from each other and they will grow through knowledge and talent. They themselves develop the concept into a full-fledged collection, where they are supported in the production of the items by the students of Master Education Coupeur. In the summer of 2015, the collection is displayed through a catwalk show in Amsterdam to invited guests and the outside world.


Collaborations with Rabobank and HTNK fashion recruitment & consultancy are prolonged, they will support this second edition the concept. In addition, MOAM new partners were found in three unique companies in the Dutch creative industries. Together with Philips Perfect Care will collectively apply the latest string and steam technology in the collection. With partner KLM looks at sustainability on the upcycling of old materials as coating, rubber tires and seat belts. In collaboration with the Textile Museum the designers themselves will develop and produce materials in the Textile; a unique world where innovation, craftsmanship and artistry come together. Nooteboom Textiles has made available its entire collection of fabrics and collectively selected as different, beautiful fabrics out. The coupeurs Master of Education in collaboration Coupeur manufacture just the designers of MOAM some pieces from the collection.

Additionally MOAM Foundation has received grants for collective MOAM 2015 at the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Creative Industry Fund and the Master Fund Koetsier.


MOAM is a multidisciplinary platform, founded by Martijn Nekoui that links young creative talent iconic names in Dutch fashion industry. MOAM worked among others with Viktor & Rolf, Frans Molenaar, HEMA, Doutzen Kroes, FOAM and De Bijenkorf.

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