Your Fall Fashion Horoscope: The Trends You Should Try Based on Your Sign

We’re thisclose to autumn, making now the perfect time to figure out which of fall 2015’s trends you want to incorporate in your wardrobe. Because all that fashion can be a bit overwhelming (in the best possible way, of course), we decided to do the only logical thing: consult the stars. Loft teamed up with Stefanie Iris Weiss and Sherene Schostak, a.k.a. the Saturn Sisters, for a series of fall horoscopes and gave us the chance to chat with them about the best fall trend for different astrological signs.

Sign: Aries
Best fall trend: Statement earrings


“As a rambunctious Ram, you tumble into new situations headfirst, sometimes without thinking, and a pair of statement earrings announce your arrival in advance. You’re brave, impetuous sign actually rules the head, so accentuating yours with can’t-turn-away jewelry is definitely the right call.” Kendra Scott earrings, $55,

Sign: Taurus
Best fall trend: Turtlenecks


“You were born to make everything around you super cozy, and a formfitting turtleneck does the trick in an instant. This choice keeps you comfortable all season long.” Cos wool sweater, $69,

Sign: Gemini
Best fall trend: Neon


“Not many signs can rock neon, but as a fashion-forward, always-on-trend Gem, it’s an easy choice. You’re a born communicator, and flash of bright, bold color is just another way of announcing the presence of your genius before you’ve even opened your mouth.” J.Crew cashmere sweater, $198,

Sign: Cancer
Best fall trend: Winter florals


“You were born to soothe and nurture everyone around you, but you often forget that a little bit of self-care goes a long way. Swathed in delicious, alluring winter florals, you’ll be transported back to the lush and abundant month of your birth, even if, baby, it’s still cold outside.” Loft dress, $90,

Sign: Leo
Best fall trend: Over-the-knee boots


“As the zodiac’s most beloved drama queen, you make sartorial statements that say, ‘Turn on the floodlights: I have arrived!’ Adding a pair of over-the-knee boots to your fall wardrobe does just that; there’s no way you won’t be noticed when you confidently stride into the room.” Ivanka Trump boots, $179,

Sign: Virgo
Best fall trend: White or cream monochrome


“You’re having a really good year, Virgo, thanks to lucky Jupiter’s presence in your sign. Take that auspiciousness to the next level by rocking your signature look: all white. White is your color, and no one wears pure, unadulterated perfection quite like you.” Apiece Apart shirt, $310,

Sign: Libra
Best fall trend: Skinny scarf


“You just can’t help it: elegance, glamour, and beauty are practically oozing out of your perfectly sized pores. A thin, skinny scarf, artfully tied around your lovely neck, shows the world that you might just be another incarnation of Jackie O.” Nasty Gal scarf, $18,

Sign: Scorpio
Best fall trend: All black


“You were born to brood in the chicest way possible, and wearing all black is a simple, direct way to embody your feminine toughness. In the darkest head-to-toe hues, you’re telling everyone that you’re a Scorpio, through and through. Only the powerful need apply.” Misha Nonoo jacket, $595,

Sign: Sagittarius
Best fall trend: Flares


“You’re the zodiac’s gypsy spirit, so looks inspired by the sixties are just your jam, Sadge. This easy-breezy bohemian look says, ‘I’m about to jet off on yet another adventure.’ You may not even know where you’re going until you get there, but in leg-flattering flares, the journey is just as important as the destination.” Siwy jeans, $238,

Sign: Capricorn
Best fall trend: Utility jacket


“You’re endlessly practical and continually amaze your colleagues and friends with your ability to get things done with little fuss. Are you actually a super hero, Capricorn? This fall you’ll totally rule the world in an on-trend utility coat. So many pockets in which to stash the tools of your world-dominating trade.” Loft anorak, $90,

Sign: Aquarius
Best fall trend: ’70s


“No era in history better befits your quirky, eccentric fashion sense. This fall, you can dress like you think: like a crazy, beautiful genius torn between going to Studio 54 or a feminist consciousness-raising meeting. The seventies may have been four decades ago, but it was way ahead of its time—and so are you.” H&M dress, $15,

Sign: Pisces
Best fall trend: Velvet shoes


“Your dreamy, compassionate sign rules the feet, so it’s always important to treat yours to the very best. This fall, add a pair of elegant velvet shoes to your ethereal repertoire. They will remind you to stand your stylish ground even as you rescue all the people and animals around you, as you’re always wont to do.” Jimmy Choo flats, $550,

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