Double the Cuff: Because Two Is Better Than One


Coco Chanel, Sofia Coppola, Diana Vreeland — these are just some of the style icons who have been known to throw on matching cuffs, often by Verdura, to complete their look. The double cuff move is hardly a difficult styling trick, but it packs punch: There’s twice the opulence as they add balance and eye-pleasing symmetry to a look. Like armor worn on the wrists, the bracelets exude power. And the gladiator-like affect makes arms look slender, long, and elegant.

“I love two cuffs because it’s a stronger visual statement, it’s more chic, and more expensive looking,” says stylist, Keegan Singh, who has been known to always request two of any bracelet from Eddie Borgo when preparing for an editorial sitting. And he’s in good company: Those extra cuffs (and their aforementioned effects) often appear in photographs styled by superstars like Camilla Nickerson, Tonne Goodman, and Alex White.

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