Something Wicked This Way Comes: A Mood Board of the Best and Baddest

0a_3x-horizontal“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” could be heard across all of twitter this past week with the passing of Margaret Thatcher. The reminder of the Wizard of Oz song made us want to reconsider the idea of wickedness beyond the simplistic pure-evil interpretation. A wicked character in fiction livens up any plot because they make our teeth clench and our pulses race. They stir our passions, provoking us to stand up and choose a side. They push the limit, and keep us guessing. And unlike real-life villains like Thatcher, they often look great.

We’ve always thought there is something fascinating, provocative, and certainly edgy in wickedness, so the Cut asked photographer Andrew Boyle to shoot model Henrietta Hellberg, styled in the last look from Theyskens’ Theory’s spring collection — a truly wicked combo. See that image and the accompanying inspiration board in the slideshow ahead.

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