Distinctive branding does not go astray when it comes to Falke, founded in 1895 and still going strong with a firm belief in making modern living and aesthetics a public statement. A brand famous for their socks, hosiery, and mens suits, but more specifically the shape, quality and luxuriousness of the products. In this day and age, personalisation and individuality are more important than ever to us as consumers, as well as having the ability to choose how we want a product. Falke is a brand that embodies this way of thinking and being; creating products that are a perfect translation of the customers aesthetic concept of modern outfits. The brand embraces the human desire to find our own style and beauty within that style.



The FALKE scenery is populated by indefatigable globetrotters, stubborn individualists, polyglot adventurers, fanatic perfectionists, sensitive intellectuals and pretentious aesthetes. Their style of living and dressing reflects a good deal of self-confidence.” – Falke


Falke Socks Featured in ‘The Last Magazine’


To develop such luxury in everyday wear, with a high value on not only aesthetic but everyday living, takes a certain level of quality. Falke’s quality begins with handcrafting to perfection; it is a belief that each detail deserves the time and effort to be perfected. It is with their quality and forward looking approach towards fashion they have been prominent in the fashion scene for over a 100 years.


Falke Advanced Performance Cycling Socks


Falke RU Socks x Overkill


As a customer of Falke, choosing the right product comes with many choices along the way – giving you an almost guaranteed chance you’ll find something that feels ultimately you. Socks and hosiery for any occasion, any time of the day, and almost any length on your leg. Silk, cashmere, even camelhair available to create comfortability, and array of colours to suit your mood or personality. If you’re feeling like adding some more affluence to your purchase, Falke’s luxury line has more materials to choose from.

For the Falke Luxury Line, we have gathered an impressive selection of world class materials: the finest Chinese cashmere, Australian merino wool, velvety soft camel hair, Egyptian karnak and piuma cottons and pure mulberry silk from China, not forgetting sumptuous vicuña wool from the remote Andes” – Falke

To add the cherry on top, the personalisation stage allows the customer to choose a coloured thread, font and text… And voila! That desire to obtain personalisation in a product has been fulfilled, and your feet will feel pretty good too.


Falke Socks with Manolo Blahnik Shoes


Credit to Elenita de Vries for the idea of this article.

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