“MASTERS” LOUIS VUITTON x JEFF KOONS: A Collaboration Of Old Meets New

A massive collaboration has just been released by Louis Vuitton and artist, Jeff Koons, where signature Louis Vuitton bags have been transformed, and perhaps even gone back in time. The collaboration of these two has resulted in iconic artworks by old masters presented in a different yet modern form; giving room for new interpretations on these classic pieces.

First, a little about the master himself, Jeff Koons, who is one of the most widely recognised figures working in contemporary art. He might be best known for his work with pop culture subjects such as his inflatable animals, balloon animals or cartoon characters; all special elements of his long career working with art. All his works could be described has amusing, fun and perhaps a little nonsensical. It’s no surprise Koon’s art appeals to audiences, even outside the gallery, although is still considered a controversial figure among critics.


Art is something that lets us become more aware of our life, our potential, and what we can become.” – Jeff Koons


In this iconic collaboration, Koon’s has brought captivating imagery from his series of large scale hand painted reproductions of works of old masters, otherwise known as his long standing ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings, to a selection of Louis Vuitton products. Jeff Koon’s ‘Gazing Ball’ paintings are an appreciation for what might have come before us or things outside the self. The motivation for these products came from Koon’s wanting to make the things he wants to make, and companies like Louis Vuitton becoming great sponsors of the arts.

We both had the same objective. We want to make something that really uses materials, uses texture, colour, communicates, creates something that’s desirable. Louis Vuitton does that, and my art tries to do that through idea and through the same appreciation of craft. I wanted it to become art… I believe that these bags are art.” – Jeff Koons


Jeff Koons & The Tiger Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens


Girl With Dog By Fragonard & Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci Masters Collection


The Louis Vuitton x Jeff Koons collection contains some of the best of the best in artwork such as Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Mars, Venus And Cupid by Titian, The Tiger Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens, Girl With Dog by Fragonard, and last but not least, A Wheatfield With Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh. All of these works by old masters are brought to life on classic Louis Vuitton products such as the the Keepall, Speedy, Neverfull and Montaigne bag, as well as the zippy wallet, clutch, keychain and much more. Each accessory is finished with gold Monogram serti, flower shapes, reflective metallic letters and coloured trimmings, giving it that ultra luxurious Louis Vuitton feel.

Perhaps what might have been an unexpected collaboration is one that is a must see; a perfect example of where two worlds collide and create something truly special.

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