ELEGANCE, PERFECTION and LUXURY: Selma Benomar’s Newest Collection

When Fashion Meets Tradition” describes Selma Benomar’s spirit, as she combines the traditional hand work of Moroccan artisans with modern cuts, colours and fabrics.

Selma Benomar, the renowned Moroccan caftan label founded in 2012, recently launched her latest collection. Just in time for the upcoming Ramadan season, this range showcases the luxurious caftans based on Selma’s unique perception of flowers and her inspirations that arises from this color palette. Discover below her beautiful and newest creations.


Ramadan 2017 Collection


Ramadan 2017 Collection


An intense perception of vivid flowers turned into prepossessing reality. Selma Benomar caftans pay tribute to the most stunning floral creations of nature.


Ramadan 2017 Collection


Ramadan 2017 Collection


“I usually love to travel and it is huge part of my designing process. I travel twice a year to South East Asia, close to the unique nature these countries have, both awe-striking and stunning.”

– Selma Benomar

Selma Benomar


With floral couture an essential part of the fashion theme of the brand, this range is heavily influenced by rare flowers. From poppies to fuchsia, the exoticism and sensuality of beautiful flowers; nature evoked through the perfect mix of fabrics that brings the caftans to life.  Selma’s inspiration lies amongst the rare flowers that intrigue her love for colours.


Balqees Ahmed Fathi in the Ramadan 2017 Collection


Joelle Mardinian in the Ramadan 2017 Collection


With the luxurious fabrics beautifully worked and opulently embellished; the exquisite skills of Moroccan artisan is very visible. These are the codes of the brand, Selma Benomar, and the focus of the latest Collection. Offering a fine balance between simplicity with few details, the colors alone create the expression inspired by the beauty of rare flowers as perceived by designer Selma.

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