Dubai is not only the uprising city of the world, it’s also hold the most “fashionable” classy women. From the lifestyle to the style itself, those women walked the path of glamour and became well- known in the fashion world.

1.KAREN Wazen Bakhazi @karenschoice

meet Karen wazen, the lifestyle blogger, not only she’s now a fashion figure in Dubai she’s a mother of three.

like many of us didn’t complete the path of her college degree, she began her journey by sharing her daily outfit through social media, after the birth of her first son, she established her blog in 2016. She shares her stories, outfit, and motherly tips and other things that she’s passionate about, her posts about her adorable children, beside her amazing style let the viewers fell madly for her and her lifestyle.


Karen Wazen Bakhaz


2. Tamara Gabbani @iamtamara

She’s half Khaleeji, half Europe designer, tv presenter and entrepreneur. It wasn’t long before Tamara was found hosting the nation’s major events. As the ‘face’ of Dubai’s International Film Festival TV show, she also hosted many other key attractions in Dubai’s social calendar.Combining a unique creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, Tamara launched The Tamara Al Gabbani brand. A stunning collection of Goddess inspired evening gowns, jalabiyas and abayas, it was held exclusively in Burj Khalifa.


Tamara Al Gabbani


3. Huda Kattan @HudaBeauty

Who doesn’t know “the Huda beauty eyelashes “she the master mind behind it and nearly a year she launched her own lipstick and lip liner, not only her interest revolves in beauty and make up, she’s a blogger, vlogger and a business women and lives between Dubai and LA, she’s originally from Iraq and was raised in Tennessee. She and her Portuguese husband relocated to Dubai.


Huda Kattan


4. Natalia Shustova @shoestova

The fashion consultant and host, and founder of is definitely one of the most ‘high fashion’ figures in Instagram on this list. Not many people could pull off the looks she do so effortlessly. Her style catches the eye of everyone like you can pass by her account without grasp of amusement , she’s stylish yet classy.


Natalia Shustova


5. Jessica Kahawaty @jessicakahawaty

Jessica won her first beauty pageant at the age of 17 years in Sydney, Australia on May 2007. She was crowned Miss Lebanon Australia 2007 and was the first Lebanese Australian to subsequently win Miss Lebanon. Not only because of her beauty pageant background and her molding career, she always rocks day to day style.


Jessica Kahawaty


6. Mthayel AL-Ali @mthayelalali

She’s not only a social media figure despite her young age Mthayel established her own creative marketing agency based in Dubai. Her looks always been creative and out of normal her sense of creativity made her a well-known figure in Instagram.

I grew up in a house that was not very typical, they taught us how to accept change and not just about the change that was happening around us, but to focus on the change I wanted to make. So I guess it was just a matter of learning how to break the rules. Girls here don’t get that support very easily.


Mthayel AL-Ali


7. Dana Hourani @danahourani

she’s one of the most stylish woman in Dubai, her name was featured in HARPER’S BAZAAR MAGAZINE best dressed list. Not only she dresses well she also compose and write in the music field, what not to love about her?  Fashion and music, it’s like the world harmonies with her.


Dana Hourani

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