European Ecolabel Gets Ready To Celebrate 25 Years Of Sustainability

The European Ecolabel (EU Ecolabel) is a voluntary label that helps identify products and services that have a reduced impact on the environment and which contribute to making the EU more circular economy. Thanks to transparent ecological criteria, consumers can make choices in full knowledge of the facts without having to compromise on quality products.

The European Ecolabel rewards manufacturers that make the choice to design products durable, repairable, innovative and environmentally friendly resources. A product or a service, EU Ecolabel is a set of environmental standards and high performance. 40,000 products and services are labeled EU Ecolabel – from clothing for babies to electronic equipment.




To celebrate its 25th birthday, the European Ecolabel opens the showroom, from 21 to 25 June. This temporary showroom will showcase products and services the most symbolic of this label, that has allowed them make better choices for the planet for a quarter century. During 5 days, the showroom will attract thousands of consumers in the heart of Brussels on the way to the Place Royale in the square, to the museums of the city or simply when they go to work.

The visitors themselves test a wide range of EU Ecolabel certified products ranging from textiles, through clothing, furniture, detergents and cosmetics. In addition, during these 5 days, several activities related to the production, products and sustainable consumption take place in this space, contemporary designed to welcome the public in the most comfortable way possible. All bloggers, journalists, consumers – all citizens – are welcome. This event is for people passionate about design and sustainable development, and the transition to the circular economy.  Save the dates:  21-25 June, at the Mont des Arts, Brussels.

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