FASHIONCLASH Festival Returns This Year With ‘Fashion Makes Sense’

Exciting news – FASHIONCLASH is back with their 9th edition of the international & interdisciplinary festival, from the 29 June — 2 July. The event will take place in Maastricht, NL. During this 4-day festival over more than 150 young fashion designers and (performing)artists from all over the world will get the opportunity to show their work to a diverse, international audience. The program contains fashion shows, exhibitions, awards, fashion talks, designer market, theatre and dance performances and specially curated Fashion Makes Sense LAB.


Ieva Mezule at FCF last year


So, why is it called Fashion Makes Sense?

We live in a rapidly changing world where progress is accompanied by environmental pollution and ethical issues. The fashion world is able to create an illusion and seduce us humans and excite our senses; today’s fashion industry is a reflection of society with a strong focus on aesthetics. Our society approaches fashion as a purely visual phenomenon and doesn’t always see the nature of the interaction with the body (of the wearer), despite the fact that fashion is the most intimate form of art, as it is literally worn “on the body”! As a second skin, clothing also enables us to express ourselves and helps us make sense of the world.


Dario Scapitta Design, who will be participating in the lab this year


With ‘Sense’ FASHIONCLASH puts the focus on the senses and the sensory experience of fashion in a world that dominate the visual sensations. With ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ we want to examine the relationship between fashion and the human body. Fashion as a means to connect yourself to the world and to enrich a bodily experience.



Alessandro Trincone’s work, who will be participating in the show this year


This year, FASHIONCLASH has a varied line up with unique local and international acts, which you can check out HERE.

The campaign for this intimate edition is developed in cooperation with talent such as. Lonneke van der Palen, Studio Noto, Pleun van Dijk and Kevin Murphy.

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