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There are all kinds of fashion designers in this world, who all have different backgrounds. Some play it safe when others have no limits to their creativity and are not afraid of making a statement. Bas Kosters is definitively a one of a kind designer. Since the past decade, the fashion industry has been changing very fast and Bas Kosters understood that from the start. For that matter, he decided he wanted his brand to be special and remembered. Not only is he a fashion designer, but he is also an artist. Therefore, he decided to combine the two worlds and create a brand with extravagant clothes. Bas likes to surprise and cannot satisfy himself with a simple piece of clothing. He likes to mix different techniques together for the images he integrates on the garments, such as photo collage, illustration, embroidery and making and photographing textile objects like dolls. He will never present a dull collection. Every single piece he creates is colorful and attracts the eye.

All of his previous collections have strong stories behind them, and that is how he finds the inspiration to keep on creating such particular pieces. He will always include ready to wear pieces as well as statement pieces linked to the story he is telling us through the clothes. Bas stated: “The main activity of the studio is storytelling with fashion as a language, which is the way I distinguish myself with my label within the large group of designers.” He also explained that the Bas Kosters studios have 2 different faces. The first one is one of warning the population of alarming social issues through dark humor and the second one is to create a message of happiness and enthusiasm.

After two and a half years Bas decided to make his “come back” during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. The show, which took place on the 13th of July, did not disappoint. As expected, Bas did not present a traditional fashion show but a show that felt more like an art performance. The collection was colorful and the models were having a party on stage. It was impossible to not have a smile on your face. All you wanted to do was go on the catwalk and join the party. After the show, we received a small journal explaining the thought process that went into the creation of such a collection.

Bas named is collection “My paper crown”. He used hundreds of recycled flags which created the story line which was to celebrate the unmeasurable importance of creativity and craft. In addition to that, Bas made a collaboration with WNF (World Nature Fund) to help save tigers. There are 3900 tigers living in the wild and WNF’s goal is to double that number. For the campaign, Bas designed a limited edition of t-shirts with a tiger which he drew. (These t-shirts are available to buy on the WNF website.) For the show, Bas traveled to India, as he has a fascination in developing his own materials. With the help of local crafts men, they created block print fabrics.

This is the tiger design

All to say the show took a lot of work and therefore was a great success. Will be looking forward to his next show.










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