Boaz van Doornik at the MBFWA

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam would certainly have not been the same without the creative talent of Boaz Van Doornik. His show had every important person within the fashion industry queue up all around the courtyard on the 15th of July.

This young emerging designer graduated from the Textiles & Fashion department at the ArtEZ School of Arts, Netherlands, in June 2016. This shows how quickly he made a name for himself and is respected within the industry. Not only is he known in the Netherlands but he has also won international prizes. With his first collection, named “Monumental Memories”, he won the Mittelmoda Fashion Award in Italy. To find inspiration, Boaz looks deeply into his past and creates his couture outfits adding his personal highlights and memories. “Monumental Memories, ” tells the story of him as a young boy, when he would hike with his father through nature and developed an eye for detail with plants and wildflowers. After tha, he was the “outstanding winner” at the International Youth Designer Competition in China in 2016.

This is part of the “Monumental Memories” collection.

On top of all his winning successes, Boaz was approached by LVMH and furthermore has recently been featured in world class magazines such as Vogue, I-D magazine, Linda.Mode and the Dutch leading newpaper, “de Volkskrant”. What professionals love in him is his experts eye for detail. Designing tailor-made menswear, he creates the perfect fit that makes men look elegant and stylish at the same time.

On the 15th of July, he did not disappoint. The catwalk was like going on a trip to a peaceful place with the light green and the trees. The music was also perfect to put everyone in the same mood. The very first model was carrying a gigantic bouquet of flowers, a great way to start the show. The rest of the collection was really beautiful. He used dull colours and comfortable fabrics. Boaz is definitively on the path to compete with high-end brands.

This is the new collection from the MBFWA.

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