WEEKDAY launches limited edition pride T-shirts: LOVE WITH PRIDE

This year, Weekday Pride Month celebrates a T-shirt collection inspired by Gilbert Baker’s life and work (1944-2017). The American artist was a gay rights activist and the rainbow flag designer. The flag, designed in 1978, is today the symbol of gay pride and is associated with LGBT rights everywhere. The original eight colors of the flag reflected the diversity of the LGBT community and consist of: Pink (sex), red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), turquoise (magic / art) Indigo (harmony) and violet (spirit).

These limited edition T-shirts, in all colors of the rainbow, consist of eight different unisex tshirts in organic cotton. The shirts are printed with the matching word, to celebrate love in all its forms. Wear with pride …

The T-shirts are available from mid-July on weekday.com and are available at the Weekday store in Amsterdam from the end of July.

As the gay pride is approaching, we suggest you all enhance your wardrobe with one of these incredible t-shirts. Definitively a must-have.

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