Coolcat x Streetkings

CoolCat and Streetkings present the unique CoolCat X Streetkings collection. With this, both brands launch a unique, sport-inspired streetwear collection. The special items are available in 40 selected CoolCat stores and online from the CoolCat webshop starting August 19th.

The founder of Streetkings, Edward van Gils, also called the Godfather of Street Football, uses his passion for this sport to help talents of the street to the top. Edward, also part of Ronaldinho’s Globe Street Team, wants young people to provide the right tools to build an existence for themselves. The unique collaboration with CoolCat has led to the CoolCat X Streetkings collection.



The CoolCat X Streetkings collection is suitable for both street football and outsiders. The conspicuous logo of the collection symbolizes the thought of this line: “a rose that grew out of concrete”, or a boy from the streets who has found to the right place. The target in the logo stands for the precision of street football.

The CoolCat X Streetkings collection consists of eighteen different styles for men. Thanks to the hard yellow accents, the black and white items have a trendy and sporty touch. In addition, long length and layering are important aspects of this collection. Hoodies, long line T-shirts, low crotch tapered trousers, bomber shaped sweats and jackets are essential items this season. To make the CoolCat X Streetkings collection, like street football, accessible to all, the prices of the items vary between € 14.99 and € 49.99.

On the 19th and 26th of August, the Streetkings Roadtrip takes place in six selected CoolCat stores. During Streetkings Roadtrip, Edward van Gils together with the remaining Streetkings will display his street skills.

CoolCat is the clothing brand for fashionable, tough and happy clothes for kids and teens. With 124 stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and webshop, CoolCat offers a new, affordable collection that is accessible to everyone.

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