Something about “Glamour”


The essence of all things, words and virtues has an origin. If we talk about the essence of the word “Glamour”, its origins are elegance, appearance and fashion. Our parents can afford the most expensive colleges and universities, but if you don’t have a naturally delicate posture or if you don’t work on it you will never be “glamorous”.

If we look at the picture above, we can have different opinions and reactions: some could find it grotesque, others could think that it’s sleek and stylish, but the important thing is to look and find a way to convey the elegance and inner beauty. You must learn how to handle external beauty and to have good taste wearing any type of clothes and making out its “glamour”. It’s also very important to learn to be creative, to have innovative touch, knowing simple practical carry chic fashion & style. You must always take your time to choose what you buy when you do shopping.


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