A Look Back at the Hottest Supermen of All Time

3A Look Back at the Hottest Supermen of All Time


This Thursday, Henry Cavill will be the next incredibly attractive man to put on some shiny spandex as the world’s most famous superhero, in Man of Steel. There’s a long history of hot men in the iconic Superman bodysuit — since Kirk Alyn first played the role in 1948, chiseled dudes with square jawlines and thick hair have been appearing on TV and in movies in different iterations of the hunky hero. Whether they’re on the beefier, bodybuilder side or faster than a speeding bullet except when applying hair gel, all of these men have abs of steel, hearts of gold, and that irresistible habit of saving the world. So take a look back at some of the hottest men in tights (and capes), from Christopher Reeve to Dean Cain. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?

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