Why Model Robyn Lawley Thinks We Should Stop Using the Phrase "Plus-Size" in Fashion


Should the phrase “plus-size” be banned in the fashion business? Australian model Robyn Lawley thinks so, and she makes a good point. “It’s derogatory, and there is no reason we need to typecast women this way,” she told me. “I like words like curvy or voluptuous. Words that have some good meaning to it.”

Robyn, who is a size 12 and has graced the cover of Vogue Italia, made headlines recently when she designed a line of swimsuits aimed at women sizes 8 to 18. But she didn’t create the line to make a statement, she says. It was purely out of necessity. “I couldn’t find anything in my size that was cool and decided it would have to be me that had to do it.”

“I’m self-conscious like everyone else and wanted something that looked good. These suits don’t cut into my hip. There is cup support. They fit.”

Here’s a look at her swimwear collection:



Robyn believes the fashion industry is moving too slowly in getting curvy girls into ad campaigns and on the runway. “It’s kind of ridiculous when there is all this hoopla over one model who is a little bigger than the others,” she added. “The women buying clothes really aren’t being represented in fashion right now.”

She has no plans to start designing a fashion line (I tried to talk her into it! After all, her swimwear is kind of awesome!). “I’m obsessed with clothes, but I don’t have time right now. I do this food blog and I’m modeling. Maybe later.”


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