3 Styling Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller, Instantly

Unlike so many things, how tall we are is something we can’t easily change. You can pull on a pair of heels, but often that really just looks like you’re, well, wearing heels. It doesn’t give the magical illusion of height. It turns out there are some styling tricks that help, and Cynthia Vincent, who just launched a new line with Anthropologie Petites, is sharing them all.


Wanna look taller? You should be wearing…

Monochromatic looks. A single color throughout your entire outfit is lengthening, says Cynthia, since it avoids sectioning off the upper and lower body into “color compartments.” She also suggests small-scale florals, calling them “a no-brainer, as they create a unified pattern that can be elongating.” Her third trick is what she calls “an open-front look,” meaning pieces that hang vertically and don’t have to be cinched or buttoned shut. “It creates a lean line that’s paramount and can be done with things like an open trench or a draped scarf.”

What’s one thing that short girls wrongly think they can’t wear?
Maxidresses! “It’s a myth that petites can’t wear them. It’s all about the right proportions,” she told me. “It’s not just about hemming the length, but sometimes shortening from the shoulder or the waist. I’ve always said a good tailor is a girl’s best friend, and a good one will know these techniques.” If you shop the petites section (like her new line with Anthropologie), you’ll notice these details were thought of initially, but if not, book an appointment with your local seamstress, stat.

And what can actually make us look shorter?
Cropped pants. They’re divine if done right (and, per Avery, the most flattering length of jeans), but “if the length is slightly off, it can stump the height of any woman.”


Shop the collection here.

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