A Chronological List of Every Acting Gig Naomi Campbell Has Had, in Honor of Her Fashion Editor Role

If you can figure out a way to set your DVR for next season’s TV shows, do it. STAT. Naomi Campbell is going the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel, and you won’t want to to miss it. The model is joining the cast as a fashion editor who, if we had to guess, won’t check out.


Campbell in Burberry at this year’s Met Gala

Per TV Line, Campbell’s role covers a few episodes and begins shooting next week. The plot goes that her fashion critiques aren’t received well and the resulting comeuppance isn’t going to be pretty. “It’s a little bloodier and grislier than anything that we’ve done before. It’s straight horror this year,” executive producer Ryan Murphy said.

Most recently, the world’s seen Campbell on the small screen in Empire (fun facts: she picked her character’s wardrobe herself and Diane von Furstenberg was integral in her accepting the role). While it might feel like the supermodel is pursuing acting now more than ever, she’s actually got a long list of credits to her name.

1978: An 8-year-old future diva was part of ensemble British children’s show, The Chiffy Kids.
1979: Her child actress career continued with a short stint on Kids, a series that re-created real-life cases of children being brought into an “assessment center” for care.
1988: She had a moment on The Cosby Show as Julia.
1990: On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, she played a stunner who Will Smith set up on a date with the family’s butler, only to realize she was more of a fit for him.
1991: She was a club singer in the Vanilla Ice vehicle Cool as Ice.
1993: You might have missed her in The Night We Never Met; her role was described as “French cheese shopper.”
1995: Sarah Jessica Parker was her costar in Miami Rhapsody.
1995: A bit part in To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.
1995: One of her longest running roles, she played Simone on cop procedural New York Undercover.
1996: The Spike Lee-directed Girl 6 looked at the treatment of black actresses, one of which she played.
1996: She had a spot in the poorly reviewed thriller, Invasion of Privacy,
1997: There was a tiny role in An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn.
1999: She played a version of herself in Trippin’ as the hot prom date of a cool high school teacher.
1999: The starring role in sexy thriller Prisoner of Love went to Campbell.
2003: It was back to TV, as a porn producer on an episode of cop drama Fastlane.
2004: She had a cameo in British comedy Fat Slags, based off a popular comic.
2009: And there was her Bollywood moment, with Karma, Confessions and Holi

And, voila, now we’re here, with <em<Empire and the new AHS.

While it doesn’t count as official acting, we love this other special role the model claimed as a youngster. When she was eight, the future super was picked from a children’s party to be in Bob Marley’s Is This Love.

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