Custom Shoes, Royal Meetings: 6 Things You Don’t Know About Christian Louboutin

Lucky Brits got a chance to dive into the world of Louboutin earlier this week when Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Luxurious Shoes aired on Channel 4. As expected, the documentary got people excited and even led to #Louboutin trending on Twitter. While we couldn’t catch the program on American television, the British press has been sharing some choice tidbits and nuggets of information we never knew about the designer.


Fact #1: There are some serious perks for Louboutin, including a personal butler, Safquat, who’s a constant presence and helps out with whatever is required.

Fact #2: He owns four homes. Including a stunning spread in the seaside Vendée region. There’s a veritable museum inside too, with an archive including more than 8,000 pairs of shoes.

Fact #3: He has his own impressive shoe collection. With more than 100 pairs in his Paris residence alone! They’re organized by type, with separate sections for spike-embellished, metal-tipped, and sneakers.


Fact #4: Celebs get custom Loubs, as shown by a last marked just for Kylie Minogue. The top-notch service also means Louboutin’s very discreet, abstaining from talking about his clients much. “I feel like a designer and also like a doctor. A doctor has secrets, and a doctor never speaks of his patients. When I do things that are public for my patient around a movie, I would easily discuss it. But otherwise I do not discuss my patient-slash-client, as a good doctor should.”

Fact #5: He’s not afraid of messing up his shoes and actually has a special term for it: “doing a Mariah Carey.” Viewers watch him cut away at the fabric of a shoe during a photo shoot, and he explains the on-the-fly tweaking as something the diva would approve of. Per Louboutin, she always wants “a bit less shoe, a bit more flesh.”

Fact #6: He hobnobs with royalty. The designer’s shown hanging with the royal with the most perfect skin ever, Queen Jetsun of Bhutan, which is pretty awesome (see their meeting below). There’s no record of Louboutin ever hanging with Kate Middleton, but we do know she owns a pair of his boots, gifted by Victoria Beckham no less.


Also, prepare to squash any dreams about the red-sole titan stepping outside of the sexy shoes and accessory arena. He previously confirmed he would never want to work on a clothing line and said the idea of a lower-priced line is out of the question too. “It would offend me to put my name on a design I would not be proud of. It’s nonnegotiable.”

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